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Text Messaging as a Team

July 17, 2020
Group Text Without Reply All

Text Messaging Solutions for Teams

With SnapDesk, you can type: entry-hyperlink id: 2aOHrsGKxLtBbcLwawPOmn as you need. Team members can jump in and out of messages without disrupting your contacts.

No matter who sends the texts - every message comes from the same 10-digit phone number. This way your contacts have a single number to reach out to when they need something.

Other notable features for teams include:

Message Ownership

Anytime you jump into a conversation, you can see which team member sent the last message.


Team Member Specific Notifications

Want to make sure a specific team member replies to a contact? Assign them a task so they get a notification

Screenshot from 2020-07-18 14-44-53

And get notified when a team member completes a task!

Screenshot from 2020-07-18 14-49-04

SnapDesk brings the power of text messaging to teams. Empower your team to start scheduling messages, engaging with clients and scaling your outreach.

Get started with SnapDesk as a team by scheduling a team on-boarding session here: Team Onboarding Class