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How to Setup Call Forwarding with SnapDesk

March 18, 2020

How to Setup Call Forwarding for Your Business

One of the greatest features of SnapDesk is the unique 10-digit number it provides for you. Texting customers has never been easier, but what about if they want to call you? SnapDesk has your back with its call forwarding feature, where incoming calls can be directed to any line of your choosing. Setup is a snap and can be done in under a minute.

Quick Guide

  1. On Initial Setup

  2. From the Settings Menu

On the Initial Setup

This is the easiest method and can be done on the initial setup or if you are restarting the setup wizard.

As you are navigating through the setup wizard you will come across a screen to setup your phone number. First it will ask for the area code you would like and then give you a list of available phone numbers in the area code. Following that you will see an option to input a call-forwarding number.

Enter your desired number and click 'Next'.


That's it! You're all set to start receiving phone calls from customers.

Call forwarding from settings

This section is for users that would like to add call forwarding to an already existing account. The good news is that adding this feature is just as easy as it is during the initial setup.

  1. From the dashboard, click the circle in the upper right corner and click Settings


2. Find Phone Number Settings.


3. Click over to the Call Forwarding tab.


4. Hit the Set Up Call Forwarding Number button

5. Enter your desired phone number

6. Click Save and you're all set!

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