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How to Get Started with SnapDesk

February 7, 2020

How to Get Started with SnapDesk

Communicating with clients used to involve emails, calls, and face-to-face interactions that were impersonal and had a long response rate. SnapDesk allows for a fast and simple way to reach your clients through personalized text messages which allows for two way communication between you and your customers. Get started with SnapDesk today by trying the 14 day free trial and creating a company profile. The setup process is user friendly and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. In this article, we show you how to get started on SnapDesk by setting up a company profile step by step.

Quick Guide

  1. How to Create an Account

  2. Admin Account Set-up Process

  3. Choosing an SMS Number

  4. Setting Up QBO & SnapDesk Sync

There are Two Ways to Create an Account on SnapDesk

  1. First, Click 'Free Trial' or 'Log In' located on the upper right hand corner of the SnapDesk Website


2. The second options is to login through Intuit's Quickbooks Online

a. Login into your Quickbooks Online account

b. Navigate to the


c. Search for SnapDesk


d. Click 'Get App Now' button in the top right hand corner of the Intuit App Store and authorize the app.


e. Enter your account details in order to authorize your account.


How to Setup A Snapdesk Admin Profile

  1. Once logged into SnapDesk, a setup module will appear. First you will have to agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and User Agreement.


2. You can invite employees to join your company SnapDesk account by adding their email.

a. you can later give each employee a 'permission' level. to learn more about different permission levels click 

3. To add employees, simply type their emails and click “ Add Email.”


4. Now each employee will receive an invitation Email. This will provide them their own username and password so no need to share your admin credentials with them.

5. After clicking 'add Email' you will move on to the SMS number set up

How to Setup An SMS Text Number

  1. SnapDesk will ask you to enter your desired area code


2. Click 'Search Numbers' to create a list of all phone numbers SnapDesk has available for the selected area code.

3. Select a phone number from the list and click 'Register' to confirm the selection.


4. This number will be shared across the your SnapDesk account so any outbound text will originate from a single 10-digit number no matter which user is sending it.

How to Connect QuickBooks Online to Your SnapDesk Account

  1. In the Set-up process SnapDesk will give you the option to Connect to your QuickBooks Online account

  2. Click the green 'Connect to QuickBooks Online' button to let SnapDesk sync your customer data so you can start texting them

    a. SnapDesk will sync your QBO data into your account. Any changes made to customers in SnapDesk will also be synced to your QBO account and vice a versa so both sets of customer data will stay in sync

  3. Don't want to connect your QBO? That's perfectly fine just press the 'skip' button. SnapDesk works all the same for people who don't connect a QBO account.

  4. The final step is to setup the timezone you would like everything to be referenced to. The beauty of this is if you work on the East coast, but all of your clients work on the West coast you can change it so that all alerts show up as if it were there time (PST)

After navigating through the setup process, your are now ready to communciate with clients through SnapDesk. The final step of the set-up process gives you the ability to quickly navigate into any of the SnapDesk modules. If at any point you want to restart the setup process you can do so in settings. Just navigate to settings then click 'utilities' and click 'restart setup'.

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