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Learn About SnapDesk Notifications

February 8, 2020

How SnapDesk Notifications Work


SnapDesk notifies you when things come your way, so you’re never caught off-guard. Currently, there are five types of notifications you can receive. In this article we will demonstrate how and when you will receive each of those notifications.

Notifications can be found in the upper right hand side of the SnapDesk App, just click on the 'Bell' icon to view them.

Quick Guide

  1. Notification of a New Message

  2. Notification of a Task Assignment

  3. Notification of Task Completion

  4. Connecting to Quickbooks Online

  5. Syncing with QuickBooks Online Notification

Receiving a New Message

Learn How to Send Your First Text Here


Message Notification: Your message will be sent to the user. Once they reply you will receive a notification in the notification bell in the upper-right corner next to your user profile.

  1. Only the user who sent the text will receive the initial notification

  2. If that user does not reply for 5 minutes then a second notification is sent to all users

  3. If you start going back and forth with a customer, notification will not keep occuring. A second notification will only occur if an inbound text goes without a response for over 5 minutes.


Group Message Send Notifications: You will receive notifications from each recipient if they respond. The first response will trigger a notification for only the user that sent the group message but if 5 minutes pass without a response then a second notification will be sent out to all users.

  1. Group Message Sends appear as 1-to-1 messages for your customers

  2. Each of response to a Group Send will appear as a private message and will show up in that customers personal message channel

Task Assignment Notification

To Learn How to Create Task Click here

Task Notifications

  1. If a Task is assigned to a user, that user will receive a notification alerting them of their new task

task- assigned

2. Once that user completes the Task, the admin user and the original creator of the Task will receive a notification


Custom Field Notifications

How to Add Custom Fields to Customer Profile

  1. Click on the user profile on the upper-right corner from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.

  2. Click on “Settings.”

  3. Click on “Customer Settings.”

  4. Inside the Customer Settings module, click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.

  5. Once the “Assigned User/Group” dialogue box appears, you will be given some options:

    1. Click “Field Name” to name this new custom field.

    2. Click “Select type here…” to choose what type of custom field you would like to create.

    3. Once this is selected, you will get a drop down menu and can choose from “text” or “select.”

    4. If “select” is chosen, you will be promoted with a description box to enter in extension options.

  6. Once the type of the custom field is chosen, click “Save” in order to save the new field.

A notification box will pop-up after you saved the custom field to notify you that the installation of your new custom field has begun and that it may take a few minutes for the changes to appear. Once the new field is installed, you will receive a notification in your notification bell in the upper-right corner of your screen next to the user profile.


Syncing With QuickBooks Online Notifications

When first setting up your SnapDesk account you were prompted in step 3 to “Setup QuickBooks Online”. If you connected to QuickBooks already, you would have received a notification in your notification bell in the upper-right corner next to your user profile, notifying you that QuickBooks was synced.

If you didn’t set up QuickBooks in the original setup process, it’s an easy fix to add your account!

Connecting QuickBooks Online

  1. Click on the user profile on the upper-right corner from the dashboard once logged in to SnapDesk.

  2. Click on “Settings.”

  3. Click on the “Intuit QuickBooks” icon.

  4. Inside the QuickBooks Online tab, click “Connect to QuickBooks.”

  5. This icon will automatically navigate you to the QuickBooks login. Enter in your user credentials and QuickBooks will sync your data directly to your SnapDesk profile.

Notification Regarding QuickBooks Online Connection

  1. Afer connecting your QuickBooks Online account, it may take a few minutes for SnapDesk to download everything. You will receive a notification once the sync is complete.


2. If you ever manually trigger another QBO sync, this same process will repeat itself.

You’re now an expert on how SnapDesk’s notifications work. You also know how to create new private and group messages, how to create, assign, and complete tasks, how to create new custom fields for customers, and how to sync your QuickBooks account. You’re ready to use SnapDesk and its suite of text messaging tools.

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