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SnapDesk Release Notes
V1.1.8 - May 2nd, 2020

New Features

  • Styling Improvements
    • Updated color patterns throughout the application
    • Refactoring to list-scrolling and click events
  • Call Forwarding
    • Customers who attempt to call your SnapDesk number will now be forwarded to an existing company phone number of your choice
    • Calls will be logged inside of SnapDesk to notify users everytime a contact attempts to call them
    • In Q4 of 2020, SnapDesk will roll out in-app calling features that will allow users to seemlessly call contacts directly from their SnapDesk phone number.
  • App Notifications
    • SnapDesk will added out-of-app notifications so users get informed even when they aren't logged in
    • The first out-of-app notifications will be emails that alert users to unread messages, unfinished tasks or past due customer invoices
    • Desktop notifications are now enabled as well. Meaning you can receive auditory alerts from inbound messages, task completions and more
  • Scheduling Messages
    • Users can now schedule messages to people or groups in SnapDesk.
    • Send scheduled messages once or set them to recur over time at set intervals.
      • Weekly
      • Bi-Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Semi-Annually
      • Annually
    • View all scheduled messages in the messages module via the scheduled tab.
    • Schedule an appointment reminder a day before and send it out an hour prior to the appointment.
  • CSV Upload
    • Upload contact data directly in SnapDesk via CSV/Excel file.
    • Download a template or upload your own CSV/Excel files.
    • Perform mass updates, changes, or delete contacts.
    • Export all customer data information into a CSV file.

What's On the Horizon for 2020

  • Campaign Builder
    • In Q2 SnapDesk will launch its first in-app campaign builder
    • Users will now be able to intertwine SnapDesk's existing features into seamless engagement campaigns to make customer management easier than ever.
  • Invoices Module
    • In Q2 of 2020, SnapDesk will add an Invoice module to the dashboard
    • This will allow Quickbooks users to manage open invoices, schedule invoice reminders and edit invoice message templates all from one spot
    • Invoice module will give users an easy way to sort paid, unpaid, or past due invoices