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Features Overview

Learn About Contacts, Groups and Messages


SnapDesk has a core set of features we call "Modules" - each of these modules are displayed on the dashboard as tiles and provide unique abilities.


This is where you create, edit and store your contacts. You can add contacts one at a time, upload them in bulk or sync them from your Quickbooks account.

You can store unlimited contacts in SnapDesk

Once you upload contacts into SnapDesk you'll be able to store important information with their profile. By default, you can store a contacts email, address, phone number and company information with SnapDesk.

If contacts have specific fields not listed above you can use custom fields to customize the profile of each of your contacts. These custom fields can later be used to personalize your messaging.


Groups let you organize contacts so you can text them without reply-all. In SnapDesk there are two types of groups:

SnapDesk lets you have unlimited groups. Each group can also have unlimited members

Static Groups

Static groups require to add and remove contacts manually one-by-one. This is great for creating small groups of people. If you are looking to create larger groups (20+ contacts) we suggest using smart groups

Smart Groups

Smart groups are great for creating large groups of contacts based on specific characteristics. For example, if you want a group of all contacts with the same area code you would use a smart group.


Messages are where you monitor your inbound and outbound messages. From here you can quickly see all your scheduled messages, saved message templates and text message conversations.

SnapDesk only charges for outbound messages. You can view our pricing levels here

Learn the different parts of the messaging module with the following:

  1. Send your first text

  2. Schedule text messages

  3. Create templates (great if you send the same messages over and over)