A Contact Management System Made for Messaging

Manage Contacts With Groups, Custom Fields and CSV Data Import

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Contact Management Made Easy

We believe that contact manager apps can do more when they’re built around text messaging.

MessageDesk turns any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer into the ultimate text messaging and rolodex app for small business.

Add, create, edit and update customer and contact information from anywhere in real-time on any device. It's time to retire your old address book.

MessageDesk Contact Management Features

Full SearchSeach on any contact record by name, phone, email address and more
Static ListsManually add customers to simple static lists
Smart GroupsCreate dynamic smart groups that automatically group contacts and customers
Custom FieldsAdd unlimited custom fields to store unique data in text fields and dropdowns
CSV Data ImportUse the guided CSV import to add and update contacts automatically in bulk
CSV Data ExportExport your entire contact list directly from MessageDesk into a CSV file
Coming SoonGoogle Contacts Import, export and sync from google contacts into MessageDesk

Find Contact Information Quickly with a Full Search

Clunky search limits your ability to find information fast.

Search for any contact record in MessageDesk by name, email, phone number or address and get an instant return.

Finding information fast with a full search makes contact and customer information actionable and improves response time to inquiries, questions, and problems.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Manage Contact Lists with Smart Groups

Organizing contact lists with smart groups helps you deliver more personalized messaging.

Add contacts to lists manually to make a quick group or create a smart group. Smart groups update automatically based on your contact data and custom fields.

Smart groups also work automatically. This means you’ll never have to add contacts to the same group manually. If a contact fits the group criteria, they automatically get added to the group.

Sync Contact Data in Real-Time Across All Devices

Syncing contact information in real-time across platforms doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Add, edit and update contact and customer information from anywhere on any mobile device or computer. Keep records consistent and free from duplicate contacts.

MessageDesk keeps information consistent and actionable for better customer service.

business text messaging
business text messaging

Add Unlimited Custom Fields

Every business or organization has unique contact information they need to keep track of.

Use MessageDesk to add unlimited custom fields as open text fields, closed select lists, date and time or phone number.

Custom fields give you the freedom and flexibility to store any type of specialized contact and customer information inside MessageDesk.

Import and Export Contacts via CSV File

Moving contact information from one contact management system to another shouldn’t be a painful process.

Upload and export your entire MessageDesk contact list complete with email addresses, phone numbers, and custom fields into MessageDesk. The built-in, guided CSV import and export features make it easy to upload and update contacts.

Don't worry about matching fields. MessageDesk saves you time by guiding you through the process. We help you match, edit and update all of your contact records.

business text messaging