Smarter, Simpler, Business Text Messaging

You already do so much. We're here to help get the job done with an easy-to-use business text messaging app built for service, sales and support.

Get started for a limited time with 50 FREE text messages and upgrade as you grow.

Smarter Simpler Text Messaging with MessageDesk

Can your customers text you? We make it easy to text contacts and customers from any device.


Text Messaging Beats Email and Voice

Customers choose text messaging as their preferred conversation tool.

Customers love the convenience of text messages but they also need two-way conversation. The next generation of businesses text messaging tools go beyond one-way communication and shortcodes. They now make real conversation possible.


of text messages get opened immediately

Start Scheduling Text Messages

Schedule personal text messages or group-wide texts without reply all

Schedule Reminders

Pre-schedule your company or organization text reminders and set them to recur over time.

Text Groups

Schedule messages to groups of any size to get more out of your contact list.

Collect invoices via SMS messaging with MessageDesk

MessageDesk Makes Getting Paid Easier

Text QuickBooks Online Invoices and Payment Reminders to Your Customers


of small and medium sized businesses have a hard time following up with customers on late payments


of small and medium sized businesses find it difficult to get paid on time

Collect invoices via SMS messaging with MessageDesk

Talking Business Feels Less Like Business When You're on a First-Name Basis

Delighting customers with personalized text messages changes how they feel about you and your business. Our app gives you the texting tools you need to keep things on a first-name basis.

We make it easy to send texts to customers. There's no need for customers to download a special text messaging app to talk to your business. All text messages go directly to their iPhone or Android device.

The faster you and your employees can send a meaningful response to a customer, the better. Time is money. Your customers need quick responses to their questions.


Additional Built-in Business Management Tools

We've built other practical business management tools directly into our app. They all support our mission of making text messaging and customer service more conversational. To do this we keep our tools easy and intuitive.

Available on All iOS and Android Devices
Whatever devices you and your team use to communicate with customers, we've got you covered. Our iOS and Android apps get you and your team access to all your data with two-way sync from anywhere.
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